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When it comes to advertising your products or services, we're ready for you! We can do everything from a simple ad in the local newspaper to an ad running in national magazines. Looking for promotional material for a trade show? Planning on a mass mailing? We've done them all and a price that is sure to please you. Like all of our work, we can do just the design work, or we can take care of the entire project. We can even handle the mass mailing for you. Check out the examples below of some of our advertising and then give us a call to talk about your advertising needs.

This ad, used to promote a day treatment program, ran in the Rutland Herald for the Vermont Achievement Center. vacad.jpg (16955 bytes)
stayware.jpg (22793 bytes) On the left was a product sell sheet for a brand new product called Staywear. This product was designed to keep little children's bowls and plates from being tipped over, spilt, flipped and all the other things kids manage to do with their food! Note how we used Froot Loops for product 'bullets'. (Yes, we really scanned the Froot Loops!)
Thinking of running an ad in a magazine or other large publication? When you start looking at those types of media, the costs, even for a small ad can be pretty high. You'll want to be sure that the people doing your ad know what they're doing! The ad at right was designed to kick off a national advertising campaign by Woodenstone Clocks. With Ready Page, you don't need to worry. Local or national, we can handle your advertising design needs.  hockad.jpg (18200 bytes)
knight.jpg (28184 bytes) The sell sheet at left is used to highlight products at national trade shows. Whether you want to show off your products at a national trade show or the chamber of commerce mixer, there is no better or economical method to do so than with full color sell sheets. Priced extremely reasonably in volumes as low as 1000 sheets, this is the ideal method to move into full color. So what are you waiting for? Why not call us today and find out just how inexpensive full color can really be.
Looking for a book cover? Ready Page also does designs for Novels and other types of books. On the right is our latest design.

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