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Don't get us wrong, we love our work. What's really great about our work is that every job is so different. But even though we enjoy working with all of our customers, some jobs just stand out as something really kind of fun because it was so unusual.  We thought you'd be interested in seeing a couple of items that we just plain had a good time doing. They may not have been big jobs but none-the-less, they were fun.

Take, for example, the package label shown below.

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How many graphic designers get to send their work up on a space shuttle? But that's where this packing label went. A friend who teaches came up with an experiment for a shuttle flight and it was accepted. Believe it or not, it had to do with peanut butter! He called us and said he needed a memorable label for his experiment. NASA had said 'have fun with it', and we did!
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This unusual job for  Beauchamp & O'Rourke pharmacy involved creating a little booklet to hang on their own brand of hand lotion. This hand lotion is incredibly effective for a variety of problems. However, in kidding with the owners, it got to where this lotion could do just about anything! They came up with the idea of the old traveling medicine show wagon. bando1.jpg (19339 bytes)
Together, we brainstormed outrageous claims that could have been made. That's why the cover says 'claims like these haven't been heard in over 100 years!' On the right above is one of our favorite 'outrageous claims'. This is an example of a piece that was created by determining the customer's actual needs. They had envisioned multiple printed items to be able to share all the information about their product. Although it is small, this booklet conveys all the information the owners wanted to present in a humorous and entertaining way and for less money than producing the multiple pieces. The booklets have been so effective that customers have requested hand lotion just by seeing them alone. In addition, Beauchamp & O'Rourke sold a large order to a business in England who insisted they only wanted the hand lotion if they came with the little booklets!

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For Gil Robichaud & Sons, we first designed a unique logo using putty knives. At left is his business card with the logo on it. This image is also intended to go on the company van. The blades of the knives would all be painted in a reflective paint. What was really different about these cards is that we wallpapered every business card! Talk about a business card that stands out! Every card is unique with different patterns on them. On the left is the back of the card shown above. People always take note of his cards. (Frankly they're quite a collector's item now).
Well, that's about all we can show you here for now. We have lots more if you want to drop by. Besides, there are more stories to go with some of our work than we could possibly tell on a web site. Why not give us a call and let us show you some of our work?



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