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Ok, so now you're at the point of saying, 'who are these guys?' Ready Page is run by Cindy and Gary Besaw of North Clarendon, VT. They both bring unique skills to the company and together make an excellent team. (For the record, Cindy is the Boss!!!).

Cindy brings to the company tremendous skills in design with over ten years as a Mechanical Engineer. Her background has given her an eye for symmetry and a knack for design and layout from a technical standpoint. She also is a self-labeled 'perfectionist and nitpicker'; skills which are extremely important when mistakes can mean delays in a job and additional costs.

Cindy started the business in 1995 after producing newsletters and other promotional material for various non-profit agencies in town. Several local businesses and individuals encouraged her to produce material for them as well and so she started Ready Page.

Gary has been helping Cindy since the start. With over 15 years as a computer programmer, he was a natural to help out with design and layout work. As Gary often says, 'I do the grunt work and then Cindy makes it look good.' In reality, however, Gary also brings unique skills and design abilities to the company. He is especially valuable to the company in producing web sites since writing code is his specialty.  Gary also has taught programming at local colleges and loves everything to do with computers and programming.

Together, Cindy and Gary make a great team. Each brings unique skills to the business which, when put together, works well for their customers. Together, they're Ready to make your  work look great!

"Our educational programs and our research - dealing with traditional American music - are definitely on the cutting edge and highly creative. So, we needed a web site that was also on the cutting edge. Ready Page met this challenge with enthusiasm and expertise and got us what we wanted!"
Armin Hadamer & Susanne Koehler
American Branches - German Roots Project

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Ready Page
357 Sunny Hill Dr.
North Clarendon, VT 05759

1- 802-786-0899